A day in the life in Puerto Rico or un dia en la vida en Puerto Rico.

On Thursday, we packed it in.

The morning found us trailing Andrew Zimmern to La Bombanera, a local’s favorite pastry shop for Mallorcas, a Spanish sort-of soft yeast roll, filled with jamon y queso and jugo de acerola, a tropical fruit, freshly squeezed ($14.50 total).

We made our way over to the Coliseo to watch the Boilers pull out a heart-stopper (2 tickets were $29.56, because Old Man Fein gets a Senior discount). We sat with reserve 2 guard Terone Johnson’s family and I made buddies with his Grandma, Wilma.

Next, we took the long way to Hipodromo Cameraro to watch horse racing. We bet $14 total on 9,2, and 3, boxed, for a Trifecta, and a Win/Place.

We lost.

Famished, headed to Pinones to eat at a road side stand, where we munched on Cuedo Parrillada skewer and a ceviche of Cocha del Rey ($11.34).

Still hungry, we dined at Marisqueria Atlantico, drank wine, and ate Pulpo Churrasco y Mariscos Parrillada ($43.50 total).

A quick pit stop at the condo, and then off to the casinos for a small night of gambling. Verno walked off the blackjack tables after 2+ hrs with a rake of $45.

I broke even with him, and while waiting to play Hold ’em (never made it on), I won $65 playing roulette. Hit. 35 to 1 bet on the number 16, bet for the birth date of this blog’s owner, Justina Bursonida.

A full day, indeed!



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