Fremont Revel


Seattle has a special place in my heart. With extraordinary friends who call it home, a spectacular landscape, and a budding culinary scene, it’s hard not to love. On our last visit to Seattle in May, we popped in Revel and Quoin during their evening prep/happy hour to see our dear friend, Seif Chirchi.

As he was busy preparing the noodles for dinner, Seif treated us to a few cocktails and bar snacks.


Wall art designed for Revel.

Wall art designed for Revel.

Fremont Revel

Outside of Revel in Seattle’s Fremont.

Outside of Quoin.

Outside of Quoin.

The mirror at the bar in Quoin.

The mirror at the bar in Quoin.

Quoin's menu.

Quoin’s menu.




Quoin's fully stocked bar at Revel.

Quoin’s fully stocked bar at Revel.


Revel's bowl of pho.

Revel’s bowl of pho.



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