@SchillersNY for your wine.

In 2011, Schiller’s was Michelin Guide recommended.

After our pre-dinner appetizer from The Stanton Social, we walked over to Schiller’s Liquor Bar for dinner. It’s a shame we weren’t here for their Monday through Thursday happy hour. Those specials are pretty damn solid.

1+2 I was convinced by the bartender here that the New York sour was worth trying. Schiller’s New York Sour: a classic whiskey sour with a float of dry red wine ($12) + a bottle of their No. 2 Decent Rose: one carafe ($20). Both were very impressive, however, if you like egg whites with your sour, you’ll be disappointed. I asked for my drink to have egg whites added.

3+4 Garlic shrimp ($13) and sauteed pork chops with roasted potatoes ($19).

5 Followed by a trip to The Bowery Ballroom to see Grimes perform ($20).


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