@StantonSocial by @SantosCooks (food pics).

The Stanton Social is located in the Lower East Side of Mahattan. On a Friday night, right before 6pm, we sat ourselves at the bar upstairs from the main restaurant without a problem. A few minutes later, the place was packed. We were dripping in the definitive Mahattan Friday night experience as it was oozing out of every inch of this place. 

1+2 The cocktail menu and the dinner menu.

3 A dirty martini with green olives ($13). The Strawberry Fields: Grey Goose Citron, muddled fresh strawberries, lemon syrup, fresh lemon & a Riesling floater ($13) + Basil-Lime Gimlet: Belvedere Vodka, muddled basil, lemon syrup, fresh lime ($13).

4 The infamous French Onion soup dumplings ($12) were individually snuggled and tucked in by a thick layer of Gruyère cheese in an escargot platter. 


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