@VestaVino for our last meal in NYC.

Last year, I deemed Vesta as one of our best meals in 2011. Not much has changed. It is still top notch, super filling, and what I consider to be some of the best Italian cooking.

1+2 Their seasonal menu by candlelight and hearty bread with oil that practically disappeared as soon as it arrived.
3+4 Seth pouring a carafe of Vesta's very own wine on tap + me patiently waiting for my glass to be filled.
5 Fresh mozzarella with arugula + crostinis.
6 Slow braised meatballs with parmigiano, + tomato sauce ($12).
7 Arugula salad with shaved carrots, walnuts, + oranges topped with maple yogurt ($10).
8 Roasted Brussels sprouts with parmigiano ($6).
A six hour, Sunday dinner style meat ragu lasagna ($15).
Perfection in a rectangle or La Torta Del Piccolo Bambino Gesu Cristo or The Baby Jesus Cake + the most delicious and delicate pumpkin cheesecake.



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