Bulot at L’Ecume Saint-Honoré in Paris.

L’Ecume Saint-Honoré en Paris looks like this. Only, image you listening to seagulls singing on repeat over the speakers as you sit and eat your oysters and bulot (40€). Call them sea snails/whelks/bulots — they are not something I can easily eat. You pull the snail out of its shell and then proceed to dip it into garlic mayonnaise. Voila.

The silver bucket next to the bottle of Muscadet (22€ — a great bottle, by the way) is to discard your finished shells. After a plate of pretty delicious oysters, Seth was feeling more adventurous and decided that buying a sea urchin (7) was a good thing to do. He tried it and seemed to feel indifferently about that orange mush that you eat inside.


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