L’Avant Comptoir en Saint-Michel/Odéon, Paris (food pics).

Directly next to Le Comptoir is L’Avant Comptoir — its sister restaurant/standing room only wine bar with hors d’oeuvres. Essentially, it’s a tapas restaurant that serves French bistro cuisine. Two bottles of excellent red wine and 13 tapas plates later, we spent 167 for four of us to dine here. Needless to say, we all left extremely full.

The chef who created these restaurants is Yves Camdeborde.

He is a judge on the French television show Master Chef, which is essentially the equivalent to our Top Chef.

1-8 Exiting the Metro at Odéon; outside of the restaurant, the menu; employee + chalkboard menu; the graffiti wall; wine glasses; and a bottle of Le Gravot.
9 Carpaccio de rosbif // Roast beef carpaccio (6 euro)
10 Croque d’effilochee de queue de boeuf // Oxtail sandwich (3 euro)
11 Macaron de boudin noir bearnais // Blood sausage in a macaroon (3.50 euro)
12 Sea scallop in its shell (I lost track of how much things cost after this.)
13 Seared tuna with foam
14 Prosciutto, salumi, and sopressata plate
15 Gaufres artichaut jambon // Waffle with artichoke and ham — the best stuff on this planet.
16 Gelée de chair de tourteau, pomme, avocat, céleri // Crab spread with avocado and celery
17 Taxidermy pig’s head
18 Andouillette oeufs de hareng // Andouille with herring eggs
19 “Bird’s tongue” // Orzo soup
20 The menu on the ceiling
21 Tarte tropézienne // Cake with custard
22 Riz au lait caramel // Caramel rice pudding
23 La mousse au chocolat // Chocolate mousse
24 The entrance

L’Avant Comptoir is located at 9 Carrefour de l’Odeon in the 6th arrondissement. Telephone +33 144 27 07 97


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