Screw Graceland, I’m in love with the @MetalMuseum.

I've cared much for Elvis — so I'm not sure why I would take the time to go visit his house. But, I've always loved metalsmithing. This museum in Memphis, although small, was truly lovely. The newest exhibits, Tributaries by Stacey Lee Webber and Creatures from the Deep by Arline Fisch, were fantastic.

Stacey Lee Webber's work is so extremely meticulous and thoughtful — it's created completely from pennies. Since the metal compound in pennies changed after 1982, she could only fuse pennies pre-1982 as they were made with only copper.

Arline Fisch's (received her MA from UIUC) work is machine + hand knit wire —  it's amazing that this material can be so light and organic. These graceful "creatures from the deep" make the space feel so atmospheric…

The last few photos are from Dichotomies in Objects, a group show on contemporary South African Studio Jewelry, the view of the Mississippi from behind the smith shop + the entrance gate to the Museum.


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