PHOTOS: @SquealNOLA + @JacquesImos

While waiting for our table at Jacques-Imo's — we stopped in Squeal for a drink (Abita Golden Lager, $4) and a nosh (jalapeño hush puppies with honey butter, $3.95).

An hour later, we were seated in the back room — which resembled someone's kitschy home.

We started off with complimentary garlic cornbread muffin, drizzled with honey. Everyone raved about the shrimp and alligator sausage "cheesecake" (it's more like a quiche), so we split one of those bad boys ($7.50).

Ate a spinach salad with a single fried oyster and plum vinaigrette, dined on the fried rabbit tenderloin with Creole mustard sauce ($8.50), crawfish etoufee (flavorful, but — puny amount of rice + kinda watery, $23) with a side of corn maque choux (meh, really watery) and mixed greens (just right).

Us, we like our crawfish etoufee a little less expensive, say from a place like Yats in Indianapolis, but all in all, this joint was worthy. They lost Seth's credit card at the end of the night, and we ended up on a small wild goose chase getting it back — but that didn't take away from the splendid night out.


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